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Designed for Convenience

The Ti range incorporates a number of features that helps make installation and maintenance easy.
Wide Cable Alleys: The Ti range is equipped with 300 mm wide cable alleys, facilitating easy and quick access at all times. You also have the option to increase the alley width using 300 mm add-on chambers (AOCs)
Quick Release System: The Ti range allows quick maintenance through a system that requires just a single spanner to unbolt connections from droppers.
Easy Access Doors: The Ti is fitted with hinged doors that open up to an angle of 95 degree , improving access during installation or maintenance, and saving time during each operation.

Compactness Spells Cost-Effectiveness

In any urban scenario, space means money. Hence space saving is money saving. Ti offers flexibility and customization to suit your space requirements, ensuring that you maximize value on the space available to you.
Flexible busbar/cable entry position: Ti is available with top or bottom busbar/cable entry options.
Space saving, slim panels: Ti units starts at a depth of 484 mm(with doors) and a width of 440 mm, allowing you to use the space saved for more profitable purposes.
Compact feeder modules: You can choose from a range of full or half-width modules with sizes optimized to achieve compactness without compromising safety and reliability.
Flexible panel configurations: Feeder heights (200 mm onwards).Panel heights (1800-2400 mm),width, depth and busbar configuration can be optimized for space.
Double-front arrangement: Connect even more electrical loads with a minimal change in dimensions.

Verified Safe

When dealing with electrical system, there are no second chances. Ti is equipped with a range of safety features to safeguard your system as well as the people who operate it.
Design verified for safety: Ti is design verified assembly, in accordance with IEC 61439, assuring you of the highest levels of quality and safety from design to assembly.
Safer busbar: Busbar in the Ti range have higher clearness than those prescribed by global switchboard standards (25 mm-ph to ph and 19 mm-ph to N/phtoE),offering a superior level of safety.
Zero ’stray-voltage’ doors and panels: The Ti’s panel doors are designed to prevent accidental opening. We have also placed earthing contacts on every door and an Earth bar running the length of the switchboard, connected to structural members. These ensure that the outer surfaces do not have stray voltages, as this cloud harm as operator.
Best-in class insulation: The Busbar I the Tirange are equipped with polyester glass supports for insulation. You also have the choice to install heat-shrunk PVC sleeves for extra protection.
Enhanced ingress protections: A minimum ingress protection of IP2X is provided even with the doors open to ensure that an operator does not come in contact with live terminals or parts during maintenance
No accidental contact: Rotary knobs ensures that an operator does not in contact with live terminals or parts during maintenance.



It is important to appreciate that, although IS EN 60439-1 is the basic standards for assemblies, it only consider those which can be classified either as “type –tested assemblies (TTA)” or “partially type-tested assemblies(PTTA)”
Assemblies should be of “fixed” or “withdrawable” construction. For details and guidance of withdrawable assemblies.
There are no other classification- the standard does not care for assemblies built to less stringent design and test requirements, or which satisfy only some requirements of the standard.
(Such assemblies do not conform to IS EN 60439-1)
To comply with the standard, a full program of verification must be completed. Users should ask to see documentary evidence of this.

Type Tested Assemblies (TTAs)

A low voltage switchgear and control gear assembly conforming to an established type or system verified to be in accordance with this standard.
When type tested assemblies are being used it is important to check that they are constructed in accordance with the type test and that any deviations from the type tested construction do not have a significant influence in the performance as verified by the test.
Deviations for the type test, which could affects the performance, are:

  1.  Structural changes which will affect the mechanical strength of the assembly.
  2. Incorrect sizing of busbar or cross section area which will affect the temperature-rise limits
  3. Busbar supports spacing, changes in the type or quantity of busbar supports, and the busbar supports structure. which will affect the short circuit withstand strength.
  4. Reduction in compartment size may result in overheating of components and writing may cause component breakdown or insulation failure and possible short circuit faults.

Close Profile Structure

  • Design with close profile structural member over the conventional C,H and G type
  • It will provide
    • Useful longer life
    • Protection against mechanical damaged
Better mechanical strength-Increase product life

Ti stands for …Reliability

Higher impact resistance

  • It is an international numeric classification for the degrees of protection provided by enclosures to electrical equipment against external mechanical impacts
  • Verified for higher impacts resistant (IK 10) as per IEC 62262(2002)-relates to IK ratings
Ik codeIk 00Ik 01Ik 02Ik 03IK 04Ik 05Ik 06Ik 07Ik 08Ik 09Ik 10
Impact energy*

Better mechanical strength-Increase product life
Internal Arc Compliance

  • 70 ka for 0.5 sec as per IEC TR 61641
  • Ti solution reduces the arcing hazards
  • More safer & reliable solution even in stringent condition
  • Safety to human, equipment & safer installation

Seismic Compilance

  • Zone 5 seismic as per IS 1893
  • 2.6 g ICC
  • More robust solution even for Earthquake prone zone

Exceeding performance limits-safer for operation personnel