PCC Panels


PCC Panels are the most essential part of electrical system of an industry from where the power of the industry is controlled. Perfect Products (India) is widely known for premium quality PCC panels designed and manufactured according to the customer specifications. Best quality switchgear and busbar are used for reliable and efficient performance.

  • We manufacture PCC panels with rated current ranging from 630A to 6300A
  • PCC panels are manufactured in a perfectly compartmentalized structure.
  • Premium quality insulators are used to ensure safety.
  • There can be a provision of space heater, thermostat and backup protection if required by
  • User friendly, safe and reliable


RST-PC “Power Center” switchboards are designed for use in any installation where electric energy is produced, transformed and distribuited. In addition they can be used for the protection and handling of electrical users of up to 600 V a.c. and 600 V d.c. The supporting framework of the switchboard is modular and made of rectangular C-shaped openended galvanizaded steel section, with standard perforations.This framework can be hold fixings for metal segregations, bar-holding panels and moorings for incoming and outgoing cables.The front part of the switchboard contains and controls the switches whilst in the rear the copper distribution bars can be found tighter with the cable’s starting point and storage. Protection against fire is insured by the use of self-extinguishing materials and internal metal panels


Rated Voltage V 660
Rated insulating voltage up to V 1000
Rated frequency Hz 50/60
Rated current on main bus bars up to A 6300
Maximum short-term rated current (1 sec.) up to kA 100
Maximum peak current up to kA 230
Internal Arc Withstanding current IAC-FLR (0,5 sec) kA 70
Internal arc withstanding in option


Switchboards can be supplied in the following versions:

  • PC 200 N Non segerated: main bus bars and shunt bus bars are visible after removing or opening rear panel. Bus bars are in any case separated from operational units. This version allows to install several switches in one compartement. Form 2
  • PC 200 P Partially segregated: main bus bars, shunt bus bars and circuit breaker feeder connection are separated by metal panels. Form 3
  • PC 200 S Fully segregated: all areas are separated from each other. This enables maximum
    continuity of service whilst maintenance is carried out. Maximum safety guaranteed during access to power cables area of each circuit-breaker wile switchboard is live. Form 4
  • Front and rear access –
  • For indoor installation, normal degree of protection:
    • IP 30 on outside case
    • IP 20 inside the switchboard
  • Protection up to IP54 is available for particularly polluted environments with presence of dust and liquids.
  • For special environments and temperatures


The RST-PC series complies with the International standards, and in particular with:
IEC 61439-1
IEC 61439-2
IEC 61641
all switchboards have passed the relevant tests carried out by qualified laboratories