Quality Environment & Safety

RST Electricals has established, certified and implemented an integrated managements system according to the standards:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001: 2004
  • OHSAS 18001: 2007

The company target is to review and improve it with continuity


RST works in compliance with Quality System certified by KVQA since 2005.Quality System has been certified following ISO 9001:2008 for:
“design, construction and installation of MV and LV switchboards and of electric industrial plants. Electromechanical industry assembly and installation”
RST mission is to study, develop, manufacture and deliver electrical switchboards able to satisfy the needs and the expectations of its clients and provide them an after-sale service, in order to reinforce its position on the global market.
In order to consolidate its competitive position and increase the presence on the market, Casagrande aim to achieve an important company target:
Increase the customer satisfaction with high quality and reliability products i.e. goods that when used in the foreseen methods and schedules:

  • satisfy the client in terms of technical characteristics and performance;
  • never compromise the users safety;
  • provide the promised performance continuously.

The guide lines of this company policy are:

  • The continuous investment in the search for the product quality and reliability;
  • a steady innovation process of the product and a continuous research of the flexibility of the
  • company processes in order to respond to the market needs in shorter time; the improvement of the price/performance ratio in order to increase the competitiveness on the market

Implemented in compliance with the following principles:

  • Analysis of established and emergent needs and trends of the market
  • Involvement and training of the personnel
  • systemic approach of the Quality System based on the process.


RST ELECTRICALS has achieved the certification of the Environmental Management System in compliance to the rules ISO 14001:2004 in January 2013.
The Company Guide Line is the continuous improvement of the integration of the targets of Quality, Services, Costs, technology, safety and environment management, in every function and every role.
The Environment Guide Line, defined by the General Direction, is referred to the 3R policy:

Reduce: the solution at a lower environmental impact and economically sustainable for the product, process and packing has to be sought at engineering and process industrialization level.

Reuse: the solution at a lower environmental impact and economically sustainable has to be sought during the entire production process, looking where feasible to reuse towards the inside of the system cycle discharges, process residues and emissions conveyable.

Recycle: at the end of the production process the solution at a lower environmental impact and economically sustainable has to be sought, trying recycle to the outside of the system cycle the scraps, process residues and emissions obtained.


RST ELECTRICALS has begun the certification process of the Safety Management System in compliance to the rule OHSAS 18001. The certification achievement is foreseen within the year 2013.
The Safety Guide Line, defined the by the General Direction, is directed to the prevention, obtained through the analysis and the removal of the elements of risk, considering it as a main factor to create the best as possible work condition in the total respect of the applicable laws.

The continuous improvement of the safety system is obtained though:

  • the planning, the realization and verification of the interventions necessary in relation to the risks evaluation;
  • a deep and continuous study of the events that could turn in an injury and the application of all the possible corrective actions necessary to remove the injury risk.
  • people training, information and sensitization The Integration of Quality, Safety, Environment materialized aspects through the achievement of the integrated certification is considered as strategic.