Short Circuit Calculation & Selectivity Study


RST Electricals has the competence, experience and software for execute all engineering activity for configuration and setting the protection system in electrical distribution system, in detail we can able to supply:
tudy of protection systems
Engineering and define of protection funcion and device in according to customer specification.

Load flow calculation
Computing of all loads of the electrical system in order to define the size of main bars of switchboards, circuit breakers and electrical lines to feed the loads in according to customer specification.

Short circuit calculation
Computing of fault current of electrical system in order to evaluate the short circuit current of the system in case of fault and define the main components of electrical system. (Switchboards, Circuit breakers, cable)

Selectivity study for protection system
Computing and defining of all relevant data of protection devices of electrical system in order to configure the selectivity of fault in according to the customers specification.

Setting Tables
Develop and supply of setting data tables for all protection devices of electrical systems in according to the selectivity study and Short circuit calculation.